About Us

My name is Josh Hill, creator and artist of Goin'Nuts One of a Kind' artwork. My journey began in 1993, when I started working with coconut and refining the 12 steps it takes to finish one art piece. My dream though, came to a violent end in February of 1996 when I was struck down by a two ton van and paralyzed from my neck down...given no hope. My family was told I would need 24 hour care and be on a respirator, it would be best to put me in a rest home, At 25 years old my life stopped as I knew it. I could not accept this and vowed to triumph over my fate. So God and I teamed up, with his arms wrapped tightly around me, one being mercy the other being grace, we walked towards hope and claimed his miracle.

So today my journey continues, reaching out to all who will listen that there is always hope when you have a personal relationship with god. I always want to be a WALKING TESTIMONY of 'God's work', encouraging those who might be facing a tragedy that it can be turned into a triumph.            

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all my angels [you know who you are] for the never ending love, prayers, encouragement, support and faith in me even during those times when I wavered. Much love always.

Anyone who would like more information on my recovery program do not hesitate to email me, I would love to hear from you.

God bless,

I make any Name, Logo or Symbol out of "Coconut." All Charms Clip on/off.

We also offer:
* .925 Sterling Silver
* Anklets
* Rings 
* Quartz
* Piercing's
* Toe -Rings
* Lite-Up jewelry
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